Quantum Prayer

Why Quantum Prayer? What Albert Einstein mentioned as „spooky action at a distance” has been proven by current physicists to be „entanglement”, meaning that „particles are linked in a mysterious way even when separated, thereby observing or affecting one instantly and equally affects the other. In other words, an energy particle can influence a different energy particle regardless of its place or time! The string theory in quantum physics implies the concept of limitless interconnectivity and multidimensional existence. According to science, everything is connected, energy is eternal and conscience is dynamic.

With implementations such as Schumann and UHF harmonizing waves, prayer wheel, active radionics, cybernetic loops, and orgone field, our intentions are amplified, communicating divine synchronicity and entangling information on a quantum level, magnetically gravitates the matching frequencies between dimensions, space, and time.

the Quantum Prayer program is FREE with the purchase of a NUCLEUS device and purchasable for 800 euros. Please contact us for the purchase of this module.

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