Matrix Explorer

Our Matrix explorer is easy to use. The information provided in the main matrix consists of over 10.000 items, in a unique hierarchy for each client according to their reactivity after testing.  Giving them time in your session to read into your matrix and understand the root cause of issues needed to be addressed may be overwhelming especially in cases where your time is limited and immediate biofeedback therapy is necessary.

Time management for balancing therapy time and time needed in understanding the reactivities of the matrix during your session is of the utmost importance for the success of your practice and therapy.   

You are now able to prioritize your therapy and tasks, putting your clients at ease and in a relaxed state from the start of your session, while also at the same time obtaining the information for the causes of their issues to prioritize what is further needed.

With the new application, Matrix Explorer, that only the ED.X and NUCLEUS have to offer, can you do this.

You can now make the most out of your therapy, with more productivity and efficiency.  You are able to easily search, filter, identify, and put into queue items from the main matrix at the same time while your program is executing a therapy.  This new procedure and possibility greatly facilitate and improve the time and value of your therapy.

The new process of working with the ED.X and NUCLEUS enables the therapist to overcome the tendency of being overwhelmed by an overload of information and tasks to put in order.   It provides the time needed to kick off the therapy by immediately relaxing your client and preparing them for a deeper therapy while allowing for the time to search and filter the matrix for task setting and understanding the client’s issues. 

The new Matrix Explorer Application provides you with the opportunity to make the most out of your therapy, without neglecting therapy time while searching through the matrix.

The Matrix Explorer program is FREE with the purchase of a NUCLEUS device and purchasable for 1800 euros. Please contact us for the purchase of this module.

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