Disease Dictionary

The Disease Dictionary is yet another special adjunct application enhancing and complimenting therapy with the ED.X and NUCLEUS devices. 

The Disease Dictionary contains a library of diseases that are able to be addressed and are very helpful for adding a specific focus on your therapy, with the option of unconscious choice. 

Additionally, you have the choice among various therapeutic and informative panels such as Chinese Oriental Acupuncture, Affirmations for Mental Correction, Possible Mental Cause Factors, Medical Definitions, Chiropractic, and Osteopathic Adjustments, ICD 9 codes, Electro-acupuncture, Chinese Barefoot Dr. Program, Homeopathy, Behavioral Medicine, and Naturopathy to choose among so as to address each choice of disease while also giving you with the opportunity to apply the type of therapy that suits your client best.

Adjunct therapies such as this one are vital during your therapy, creating a stronger, more precise, and focused effect for your therapy.

The Disease Dictionary program is FREE with the purchase of a NUCLEUS device and purchasable for 1000 euros. Please contact us for the purchase of this module.

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