Chain Reaction Program

What is the Chain reaction tool? To understand you need to know The matrix items of the software are over 10.000 items of voltammetric signatures of nosodes, allersodes, sarcodes, isodes, nutritional items, and imponderables, all of which are terms used in the field of Homeopathy.

For your better understanding, briefly describe each term below:

Nosodes are homeopathic remedies for a given illness composed of infected discharges of that infected illness or pathogen.

Isodes in homeopathy is a highly diluted and succussed preparation of organic or synthetic substances that are thought to be the cause of disorder or disease. Given as a remedy based on the principle, “the cause is the cure.” They are “normalizers,” meaning they help to normalize the body’s reaction to an allergen or the manufacture and use of body chemicals.

Allersodes are homeopathic drops that minutely stimulate the immune system to recognize, glom on to, and expel the allergy-causing organism from the body, usually through the kidneys or bowels, adrenal gland, and liver as well.  They are remedies that contain a range of potencies of the offending allergen. In helping allergies we can use small amounts of allergy-causing material to help reverse the antibody cascade and other allergic factors within the body for desensitization.

Sarcodes are homeopathic preparations obtained from healthy tissues and secretions that contain biological molecules which have specific physiological functions in humans.  They are used by homeopaths to support tissue wellness during the body’s process of repairing or regenerating itself

Nutritional items refer to the supplements such as vitamins, minerals herbs, and amino acids and a vast combination and purposes described on each matrix line.

Imponderables are powerful remedies for immutable forces that are unseen, unknown, and intangible energies that can profoundly influence our well-being. Imponderables are unseen forces that are irresistible and overwhelming. They can be geopathic forces, radiation from cell phones X-rays, computers, microwaves, televisions, GPS devices, MRIs, ultrasounds, high voltage electric transmission cables, computer-managed vehicles, and sunlight. The list is almost unending. countless surrounding layers of directed, invisible energy these devices collect and radiate. Add to that the undirected energy emanating from the increased effects of solar flares and sunspots due to our thinning ozone as well as the light from the moon and distant planets, and you will grasp that we are all entangled in a dense web of “imponderable energy”. Stressful emotions to a stressful response are also considered as imponderable

Thus reactions in voltammetric signatures portrayed on the matrix is unique and individual for each client.  In understanding the matrix, we must see repetitions coming up in comparison with their strong reactive number in order to access the situation.  Additional search and investigation procedures within the software and matrix may be needed for a deeper understanding.

The in-depth understanding and comprehension of the matrix come with deep knowledge and long-standing experience of using the device. This many times can be overwhelming, with so much information coming to us from the reactivities of the client on the matrix, and the time pressure we have to help the client feel better.

However, there are several tools that the Eductor1 has to assist with this.  One of them is the unique and most important tool, the application CHAIN REACTION created and offered ONLY by the PULSAR.

By entering the main issue of the item you wish to address, this application instantly analyzes the entire matrix reactivities of the client, giving you the age at which something in the client’s life triggered this reaction causing the chain reaction of events.   A list of items from the matrix is downloaded and can be loaded so that they can be addressed during the session, thus helping you in breaking the initial link causing the issue.

This is one of the most important steps and breakthroughs when addressing the root cause of the issues and understanding the matrix.  It is easily and automatically done giving your therapy the boost needed for a better outcome.

The Chain reaction program is FREE with the purchase of a NUCLEUS device and purchasable for 1500 euros. Please contact us for the purchase of this module.

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