Body Viewer

The Body Viewer is a special application enhancing and complimenting your therapy, sending added subtle frequencies to support and overlay your programs in areas such as the body, chakras, meridians, and aura.  It additionally creates a visual stimulus for your client, providing a strong Biofeedback response.  When a client observes the process, they are connected to their healing with a much deeper effect, stimulating physiological response.

Programs which can be used in the Body Viewer are essential to obtain optimum therapy during your session. Reinforcement of muscle re-education of pathways of elimination and all major organs can run simultaneously throughout your session.  Additional therapies such as Anti Degeneration, Anti Inflammation, Anti Infection, and Stress Release, in addition to signatures for emotional imponderables and defense mechanisms, are also other focus of therapy included.  Complete spinal programs and other programs are also available, providing emphasis on areas of pain, inflammation, or degeneration.

The Body Viewer program is FREE with the purchase of a NUCLEUS device and purchasable for 1500 euros. Please contact us for the purchase of this module.

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