Success in your business - part 2

“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less-than-perfect conditions. So, what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.” – Mark Victor Hansen

Do you want to start a successful quantum biofeedback practice and company, but don’t know where to start?

Continue reading since you’ve arrived at the appropriate page. We continue with the second part of this wonderful topic, and today, we’ll go over a lot of practical material related to success in your practice. All of us are in business because we want to succeed. There is a personal success—achievement on all levels—in addition to financial success.

Choose your company name 

It serves as a symbol of who you are, what you do, and what you can provide. It should be clear to the public what you are selling.

Try to think of as many different names as you can. Be inventive and imaginative. Your market must be motivated and inspired by these names to want to engage with you and your business.

You can have a name that is somewhat similar to one already used by another business, but not EXACTLY the SAME. Just be certain you have the authority to use that name in public.

Choose the domain name you want to use

Your business name and domain name should ideally match. You might consider the choices that are offered.

Structure of Entities

To get the finest structure in compliance with local legislation and tax structures, you will need to speak with your accountant and perhaps a lawyer.


Get a license or certification for business

Depending on where you live and the applicable legislation, you might require a license or certification to be able to operate professionally. It is crucial to pursue Certifications and Continuing Education because some areas are still not regulated.

About banking

Having a POS to take credit/debit card payments is just as important as having a business bank account. This is how the majority of payments are made, therefore having it on hand is essential. It also shows how serious your business is.

Have a Reliable CPA/Accountant

A qualified accountant will ultimately help you save money by keeping your accounting and taxes in line. A skilled accountant can save you time and money through their experience even though many people handle their own accounting.

Choosing your Premises:

House calls, home offices, and office space

Cost is a crucial factor, and unaccounted-for costs must be considered.

A home office is a possibility, but it needs to strike a balance between professionalism, organization, cleanliness, and other factors.

Your business strategy lists the critical elements that will decide your success.

What you have to do is:

  • Write your name, your company name, and the date on the cover page.

  • An executive summary gives a high-level overview of your goals and the explanations for why you believe you can succeed.

  • Describe your goods or service so the buyer is aware of what you have to offer.

  • Discuss the industry, the target market, and the competitors in your market study and sales strategy. It’s possible to integrate demographic and trend data as well.

Operations and management plans cover a variety of daily tasks like inventory management, customer service protocols, equipment requirements, who will oversee which departments, what systems will be in place, etc.

Which revenue projections are included in your financial plan? Will you be able to turn a profit once you have repaid your loan in full each month?

What type of funding is required, and how will it be used? Showcase a 5-year plan that takes all costs and growth into account.

All essential tables, illustrations, and supporting information are included in the appendix.

After reviewing the core elements of your basic company plan, you must think about how you will optimize it.

What are your goals and your plans for achieving them?

You should consider your future goals for your company and the factors that are most crucial to your success. Many people and businesses fail because they are not where they should be. It is insufficient to aim toward any arbitrary concept of success. After all, everyone defines success differently.

Since it is not merely a matter of pressing buttons, you can concentrate on your one-on-one customer for the first one to three years as you learn how to operate the device effectively. It takes time, certificates, research, reading, experience, and mentoring to become a Specialist or an Expert.


The most important session is also the first one you have.

Prior to starting:

  • Create a connection with your client: pay attention to their difficulties, and treat them with respect.

  • Give them customer forms to complete: Forms for client intake and consent

Information on their concerns:

  • FREQUENCY – how often does this complaint occur

  • ONSET – when did it begin

  • LOCATION – where are they experiencing pain or discomfort

  • DURATION – how long does each episode last

  • AGGRAVATION – what makes it worse

  • RELIEF – what makes it better

  • SEVERITY – has it been getting worse or better overall

Start your session:

Keep in mind to start on time. Respect their time and don’t go beyond your 2-hour session; try to keep it shorter.


It’s essential to reschedule their subsequent appointment and to notify them a day or two beforehand.

Payment Procedure:

Offer a variety of payment methods. You can still use PayPal if you don’t have a POS device. You can follow the steps by going to PayPal for example. It is incredibly easy.


The best recommendation is to choose two or three applications of quantum biofeedback that really interest you or would appeal to the audience you wish to engage with. Focus your marketing efforts on a certain location.

Discover your unique qualities and your history to set yourself out from the competition.

There are many different kinds of marketing tools, including:

Newspaper and magazine ads

Radio and tv


Direct mail




E-marketing – Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook

Marketing with the above tools is important as it informs and creates accountability. However, the best marketing is word of mouth and your success stories. So, happy clients, happy business and overall happy you, of course. 

All this being said, we really hope you enjoyed these two articles on how to start your own business in quantum biofeedback and be successful. To view the webinar that inspired this from a lovely and famous Quantum Biomedicine professional, see our YouTube page

And good luck in all your endeavors!