Holistic therapy for a glowing and acne-free skin

How can acne be handled holistically? Acne is a skin ailment that causes skin eruption, increased pores, and the presence of blackheads that develop into unattractive pimples. It is not just an aesthetic issue.

Acne, whether comedogenic, cystic, rosacea or keloid, is a condition that typically “attacks” people during puberty. It begins around the age of ten to eleven years, and it is a disease of both sexes, whether we are talking about girls or boys, but it is true, in boys more than in girls, an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous follicle. Acne is a very unpleasant condition that is often difficult to treat and, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the social lives of young people. The most significant risk factor for acne is a lack of a skin cleansing routine or improper skin cleansing.

The causes can range from the creation of sex hormones, which are unique to the puberty stage, to fungal and bacterial infections, hormonal imbalances, the use of specific medications or improper cosmetics, bad nutrition, inadequate hygiene, or even just a genetic susceptibility.

How to deal with Acne

First and foremost, proper facial hygiene is critical. Skin cleansing must be done with products recommended by the dermatologist, who is the only one who can prescribe a solution that is appropriate for the patient’s skin type. It is important to understand that acne treatment is complicated and involves several plans. There are therapies that can be performed at home, medications that must be taken orally for a set period of time, and treatments that can only be performed in the dermatologist’s office, such as chemical peeling.

  • Avoid the sun or use a cream with sunscreen that is suitable for acne-prone skin. Even if sun exposure temporarily improves the rash, it usually reappears a few days later, stronger.

  • Resist the urge to press blackheads and break pimples because manipulations without a disinfection procedure increase the risk of scarring.

  • In the case of men, it is preferable to shave their beards manually with hypoallergenic shaving foam.

  • Avoid alcohol-based lotions in favor of non-comedogenic cosmetics, which are products specially designed not to cause allergic reactions, contain fewer synthetic ingredients, and allow the skin to breathe. To allow your skin to breathe, use a mineral or water-based foundation. There are many cosmetic brands that are specifically designed for acne skin, but the best product for you is to consult your dermatologist or a very good beautician.



A specialist consultation can help to determine the causes of acne and prescribe a tailored therapy plan. It is generally recommended:

  • Sulfur is the most commonly used therapy for chronic acne.

  • The Sanguinaria remedy is especially beneficial for women suffering from hormonal and menstrual disorders. This remedy is particularly indicated in acne rosacea, which occurs more frequently in the female sex after 40 years, as a result of a hormonal imbalance in the background of menopause, and takes the form of edematous pustules that are frequently suppurating.

  • Kali bromatum – is a remedy for acne on the face, shoulders, and neck.

  • Antimonium crudum-for small, red pimples, which are common in alcoholics;

  • Natrium muriaticum – excellent remedy with sebaceous gland tropism, indicated according to the sick person’s temperament;

  • Asterias rubens-indicated in puberty acne, overweight people, nervous people, with pimples on the nose, beard, and around the mouth;

  • Belladonna is contraindicated in acne rosacea.

  • Hepar Sulphur is recommended for more severe acne with suppuration.

  • Silicate Calcarea is recommended for weak, cold patients who have itchy skin and a burning sensation.

  • Nux vomica is a very good detoxifier that is recommended for people who are tired, irritated, or nervous.


The goal of holistic therapy is to harmonize the four aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual with each other and with the environment; balancing the whole while considering all aspects of life: respect for the physical body; improving the quality of relationships; and caring for the environment.

Mental and emotional body imbalances lead to physical body imbalances. The skin, as the largest organ of the physical body, serves as a barometer for dysfunctions and imbalances, as well as emotional and physical health.


We can easily identify the problem and help improve our skin with the help of our Quantum Biofeedback devices, NUCLEUS, and Ed-X, but we also need solutions. One of them is, as previously stated, holistic therapy.

It is possible to combat inflammation, stop excessive sebaceous gland activity, stimulate blood and lymphatic microcirculation, increase immune system activity, and reduce skin sensitivity to androgenic hormones through biological regeneration of the skin using advanced technology.


When compared to long-term systemic treatments like antibiotics and retinoids, or the external application of a chemical peel, these non-invasive physical therapies have no side effects.

The number of therapy sessions is determined based on the post-therapeutic evolution, and the skin must be cared for with appropriate products during the time between therapies. The therapies’ effects are constantly monitored by dermatologists, and the possibilities of maintaining a normal-looking complexion are expanded based on the results.


You constantly find yourself fighting the good fight to preserve a healthy-looking visage, whether it be dealing with acne in your teens or stress-related outbreaks, sun damage, and the early indications of aging in adulthood. While sticking to your routine religiously undoubtedly contributes to maintaining the smoothness of your skin, there are a number of additional things that can make or break your skincare objectives. especially in light of the fact that a variety of environmental stresses cause your skin to suffer.