Aromatherapy and biofeedback

This article will outline the ideal synergistic interaction between biofeedback and quantum medicine, therapeutic and pure essential oils, and of course aromatherapy.


Essential oils are naturally occurring, intensely fragrant, fat-free compounds that are taken from a variety of plants, including flowers, seeds, leaves, fruits, fruit peels, roots, bark, and wood. These compounds also contain hormones, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory compounds, and they have specific therapeutic effects on the human body.


A short history


For thousands of years, people have used essential oils made from plants. Both Ayurveda and Chinese medicine employed herbal or wooden essences as therapeutic agents. This science was also taught to the ancient Egyptians, and many of their essential oil- and herb-based therapies are still in use today.

However, the French scientist Rene Maurice Gattefose, who accidentally discovered the therapeutic benefits of lavender oil on his own body, lay the groundwork for modern aromatherapy. He conducted research and laid the scientific groundwork for what is now known as aromatherapy.


Is good to know that…


Many essential oils have antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anticancer, antiparasitic, and antifungal properties. Essential oils are potent antioxidants. They assist the body’s innate mechanisms and the immune system in the process of healing and regeneration as well as homeostasis.

Some essential oils, like rosemary oil, play a significant part in the detoxification process by enhancing the liver’s enzymatic activity, which is considered a key function in this process.

Aromatic, volatile, and with lots of antibacterial and diffusion properties.

Essential oils are used to promote the body’s natural healing processes, also used in cleaning certain items for the home and the kitchen, used in cosmetics (nearly all personal care products, including creams, lotions, toothpaste, and shampoo), and even in cooking.

Body and spirit – benefits of essential oils

The tremendous healing powers they contain have now been shown by modern studies.


Sage, chamomile, or lavender oil are used to promote relaxation. Cinnamon improves concentration, and citrus scents are important in the process of stimulation. Headaches are relieved by applying mint oil to the temples.


The largest concentration of antioxidants is found in cinnamon and clove essential oils.

Additionally, clove essential oil functions as a real spectrum local anesthetic, antibacterial, 


antiviral, antifungal, and antiviral. It is used for 


colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis, toothaches, and sinusitis. It is advised in cases of respiratory and ENT illnesses. In addition, it is an effective therapy for genital herpes, acute and chronic cystitis, and other conditions of the urogenital system. Clove oil is also prescribed for illnesses of the brain system, osteoarticular system, and digestive system.


In the case of weakness or exhaustion, pine essential oil is incredibly helpful. It promotes breathing and removes irritation in the airways because of its antibacterial effect. Pine oil is known for energizing the body as well as the spirit. When used in aromatherapy, it is beneficial for those who are psychologically and physically weary. Pine essential oil has a decongestant, warming, and antihistamine action when applied.

Because black pepper essential oil has a strong warming effect on the afflicted areas, it promotes peripheral circulation. It is an effective therapy for cold limbs and muscle or rheumatic pain. Black pepper oil works effectively to drain and tone the body. This is why it works perfectly for body remodeling and cellulite reduction.


What changes do essential oils make to our bodies when we use them?


Essential oil is inhaled, and when it passes through the olfactory membrane into the nasal canals, it stimulates the olfactory neurons and nerve cells, which in turn send electrical impulses to the olfactory bulb. The limbic system and cerebral cortex receive electrical impulses from the olfactory bulb.

The limbic system of the brain, which is strongly linked to emotional experiences, memories, and innate reflexes, as well as to the modulation and control of all bodily reactions to external stimuli, is the sole human physical sense directly connected to it (emotional and behavioral patterns).


Biofeedback and Aromatherapy – a relationship for ages


We are aware that all cells divide to renew themselves. The electrons during this phase of division and development are electrically charged and move at a very high speed while continuously producing electromagnetic waves (electric frequencies, electric pulses).

These electromagnetic waves cause our bodies to emit electrical impulses that are a reflection of the current health of the body. Depending on whether the body is healthy or ill, these signals vary. By applying this Biofeedback technology, we can decipher these electromagnetic signals and assess the body’s health.


Benefits of using biofeedback equipment to support aromatherapist activities


With the aid of Quantum Biofeedback equipment, which enable us to understand the client/patient beyond the symptomatology and the outwardly visible physical needs, the work of an aromatherapist or essential oil consultant can be substantially facilitated.

Most of the time, there is an unconscious psychological or emotional substrate that causes significant imbalances in the body and interferes with cells’ or organs’ ability to operate normally.


With the help of PULSAR, we can instantly provide a balancing therapy that boosts regeneration processes at both the subconscious and physiological levels. Thus, essential oil therapy will be much better received, with even greater efficiency and a much faster effect.

Phobia therapy, third eye frequency stimulation, metabolic rate increase, targeted muscle therapies, food compatibility by blood type, bio-revitalization and rejuvenation frequencies, and other programs complement and enhance the effects of aromatherapeutic remedies.


Newer and more advanced applications have been developed within PULSAR, while the existing applications from previous software have been improved to provide a more technologically advanced user-friendly environment for exceptional results.

The PULSAR Software, as the name implies, works at such a fast rate that it instantly obtains the necessary information about the reactions and delegated it to the NUCLEUS and ED-X devices for increased accuracy and frequency emission.


The subtlest quantum frequencies are captured using the most recent technological advances and applications embedded in PULSAR devices and software, resulting in a deeper understanding with unprecedented high-precision detail. A multidimensional quantum field is created with PULSAR software on the latest devices, increasing momentum and revitalizing the body to vibrate at higher levels for better health and well-being.


We are delighted to inform you


Starting with the year 2022, essential oils have been introduced alongside PULSAR, forming a perfect symbiotic relationship and working hand in hand to assist aromatherapists in helping those with various problems.