Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking is said to be the smartest thing you can do for your health.

You might be thinking about quitting smoking right now, you might be thinking to put an end to this addiction, or you might have been smoke-free for some time. The process is complicated, but it’s important to give it some time if you want to live a life free of tobacco going forward.

Throughout the process of quitting, there are challenging times when the need for a cigarette is intense, the temptation is strong, and the logical part of the brain seems to cave. A written list of the reasons to stop smoking is crucial and might be very helpful to you during these times. It’s critical to understand your individual motivations for quitting smoking. What made you decide to stop smoking? Spend some time considering this question, then list your justifications.

Understanding the advantages of this behavior is just as crucial as deciding to stop smoking and figuring out why you want to. Knowing why you smoke can help you anticipate the times when quitting will be most difficult for you and will also help you figure out how to get through these times. It has to do with the unmet requirements that continue to be met by smoking and for which it’s critical to have alternatives. Depending on why you smoke, you may need to do something different when you stop smoking or substitute something else for the cigarette to prevent really serious consequences.

Smoking is a significant aspect of your life, therefore if you want to successfully stop smoking for good, you will undoubtedly need to make some significant changes to your daily routine. Analyze your smoking habits to find the circumstances, people, locations, or things that make you want a smoke. Then, try to replace each of them with something you appreciate in order to assist you to curb your need to smoke.

If you’ve previously tried to stop smoking but were unsuccessful, try to figure out what went wrong and come up with a solution. But, before that, we might have the solution for you.

With the help of a contemporary device, smoking prevention therapy via BIOFEEDBACK quickly releases nicotine from the body.


With the use of two electrodes positioned on the wrists, the device reverses, amplifies, and then reintroduces the vibration sample into the body. Essentially, this procedure causes nicotine to be eliminated from the body by causing it to be broken down by water molecules and released into the bloodstream, where it is then eliminated. Following a BIOFEEDBACK therapy session, the smoker must drink a lot of water every hour outside of sleep for a month in order to promote diuresis and speed the body’s elimination of nicotine. This requires the smoker’s cooperation.

With the use of Quantum Medical biofeedback devices (NUCLEUS and Ed-x) and with the help of PULSAR software, the therapy is administered over the course of a few sessions, it lasts less than an hour, is not invasive, and causes no discomfort to the patient.

Nicotine, a toxic chemical found in tobacco, is one of the factors contributing to the addiction of many people to smoking.

Even though they want to and have attempted to stop, many smokers struggle to do so because of their addiction to nicotine.

According to scientists, each smoker has a varied level of dependence on nicotine.

To be aware of: 

  • Nicotine is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream after cigarette smoke enters the lungs.

  • Within 10 seconds, nicotine enters the brain and stimulates certain receptors that lead to momentary contentment and pleasure. The reward system that drives nicotine addiction is made up of these feelings.

The good news is that simply giving up smoking, may counteract these harmful consequences and see an immediate improvement in your health.

  • Heart rate returning to normal

  • The blood’s concentration of carbon monoxide returns to normal as well

  • The lungs start to work better, and blood circulation gets improved

  • You’ll start to breathe more easily

  • Compared to someone who continues to smoke, the risk of coronary heart disease (coronary artery disease) is cut in half

  • After a dramatic initial decline, the risk of stroke reaches non-smokers’ levels

  • Those who continue to smoke run a 30–50% risk of developing lung cancer

  • Ischemic heart disease risk is comparable to non-smokers’ risk


The smoking cessation therapy offered by Quantum Medical is special and individually designed to assist in eradicating the energy footprint of nicotine and other cigarette compounds from the body.

In order to help you achieve a healthy physique, our method also consists of detoxification therapies for the lymph, liver, and lungs.

Our method is the most non-chemical and easy way to let go of this VICE.

The lack of an effective strategy to support smokers in their attempts to stop smoking has prevented the field of medicine from making any notable strides in the past ten years in the area of smoking cessation. Up until recently, the only alternatives to smoking were nicotine gum, patches, and anti-smoking teas. These techniques were frequently useless without the ambition and willpower of the patient.

The use of our Nucleus and ED-X biofeedback devices aids in the detoxification of the body. Depending on the body’s nicotine addiction, the device measures it and initiates the detoxification process. You will no longer want to smoke after therapy.

The therapy includes complex detoxification and anti-smoking therapy, as well as homeopathy and magnetotherapy.

To successfully quit smoking, personal motivation and determination are essential! No one can promise a magic formula for instant success, but specialists can help those who have decided to quit smoking. Quitting smoking is much more difficult than changing any other habit. It’s difficult, but you can do it, and we’re here to help.