Aphrodite and Apollon

The miracle anti-aging programs that will turn back time


The two anti-aging programs, Aphrodite and Apollon are here to help you have a look into the ancient Greek wonders that these two portrayed. 

Whether you believe it comes from Greek Gods or not, in 150 AD the Greek physician Galen developed the first cold cream, a combination of the famous olive oil, water, and beeswax. It was said to eliminate dirt, oil, or dead skin on the skin’s surface.

Women have attempted to stop the clock since the dawn of time, which is entirely normal. However, scientists have struggled to understand what causes skin aging and have succeeded in various ways along the road.



To combat aging, the holistic technique encourages you to consider it from a global perspective, in which the body and mind are intertwined.

Fighting aging entails more than diligently applying an anti-wrinkle cream or engaging in daily physical activity. More and more experts are demonstrating that a holistic strategy is required to combat the ravages of time. The spiritual, mental, and social combine with the physical. A comprehensive approach to aging is what it’s called.

What you consume plays a huge role in your body’s and mind’s health. According to the holistic method, healthy aging is accompanied by a diet that emphasizes the advantages it provides.

Fighting anything that gets in the way of your cells’ regular functioning, notably free radicals. Nothing beats an antioxidant-rich diet, which will complement a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as legumes, which are increasingly suggested for their health advantages.



Sport is essential for maintaining good health throughout one’s life. This activity will keep you fit and delay the onset of the earliest indications of aging, regardless of your age. Choose your activity based on your physical condition and your goals, and then get started!


Physical activity is linked to mental and spiritual activities in a holistic approach to aging. Meditation combines this process, and exercises like yoga, Pilates, and walking are particularly beneficial in the overall fight against aging.

A better approach is through our Biofeedback devices Ed-X and NUCLEUS: These two are in continuous development, with new programs.

Aphrodite and Apollo are slightly different because Aphrodite is mainly for women and Apollo for men.

Aphrodite program is helping you create the type of essence of joy, that essence of inner beauty, of inner guidance, harmony, self-love, and high potential.

These after all make a person happy and it’s more than normal to be able to have them in your daily life. These wonderful programs are here to help you reach your highest potential as a human being, to be able to experience the love that Aphrodite was so known for and the greatness of Apollo.

It is known that Apollo was a source of life and healing and this is exactly what this program is doing.

Here, at Quantum Medical we help people to reflect and see themselves from the inside out, to realize their full potential, and develop a love for their bodies as they are healing.


Let’s talk about anti-aging therapy for a moment and how biofeedback can actually help.

Anti-aging therapy is a type of BIOFEEDBACK therapy that targets aging-related issues. This can help to identify and alleviate cellular stressors that contribute to premature aging.

As a result, cells’ natural healing abilities are accelerated: they discharge toxins, repair damage, and rebuild healthy tissue. This slows down and even reverses the deterioration of the three ages: During an Anti-Aging session, the three “ages” of the body can be identified: energy age, tissue age, and metabolic age.

It is well understood that aging is accompanied by a decline in the number of hormones produced by the body. Anti-aging therapy works by focusing on specific hormones that assist in halting the aging process and regenerating healthy tissue. The natural production of hormones is boosted and the body’s energy balance is achieved through therapy. Anti-aging therapy sessions involve support for metabolism, nutritional uptake and elimination, circulation, detoxification, and correction of degenerative energy patterns in order to slow or reverse the aging process.


This will aid in memory enhancement, mental clarity, and possibly even the reduction of unconscious negativity.

Wrinkles can be reduced with the use of a device attached to the BIOFEEDBACK device.

Why does our skin age, losing the tone, elasticity, and attractiveness that we prize so highly? With the passage of time, the skin is subjected to increasing levels of aggression, which has a cumulative effect. The most crucial aspect of this process is the sun’s harmful effects. Sunlight contains a wide spectrum of radiation: visible light and infrared light produce the sensation of heat we feel when we are exposed to the sun and are responsible for sunburns or sunstroke; ultraviolet light produces the tan and has a deeply damaging effect: it destroys cellular DNA, which becomes irreversible after years.

At the same time, the skin becomes dry and thin, with a lack of sebum production and the appearance of pigment spots.

However, as technology advances, so do our BIOFEEDBACK devices.

Through Ed-X and NUCLEUS, Quantum Biofeedback provides quality and time for you and your skin.