Biofeedback as therapy in hospitals

Bioresonance is highly praised, there are thousands of “biofeedback therapy” practices where this complementary medicine is discussed.

Did you know that quantum biofeedback has been taught in medical universities for the last few years? This complementary medicine has become increasingly popular throughout the world therefore it comes as no surprise that it is also used in hospitals in the USA or in other countries. 

What is a complementary therapy based on biofeedback?

It is known that any energy change induces a change at the somatic level and any change at the somatic level in the physical body leads to a disturbance in the energy field.

Emotions, in turn, can cause changes in the physical body and vice versa.

The best example is stress, which will soon become the leading cause of death in the civilized world because stress is currently causing most of the physical problems in the human body.

Quantum medicine is a harmonious combination of discoveries in quantum physics, state-of-the-art technologies, scientific concepts of the nature of living matter, and thousands of years of experience in oriental medicine.

Quantum medicine and bioenergetics, try to help human beings with and through energy. Biofeedback is a sort of therapy that uses electromagnetic waves to help improve a person’s general health. This happens by controlling certain bodily processes through those electro-waves, such as blood pressure, muscle tension, heart rate, and many others. 

Electrodes are attached to a person’s skin, wrists, or ankles, and a special biofeedback device records and measures the electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body and then starts to modify them in order to relieve pains and symptoms. Read all about it HERE

How does it work?

Scientists think that biofeedback works in mysterious or ambiguous ways. However, we know that electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body are the main “ingredient”. And there seems to be at least one common thread between most people who benefit from biofeedback: they all have conditions that are brought on or made worse by stress

Therefore, many scientists believe that relaxation is the key to successful biofeedback therapy. When a person’s body is under chronic stress, internal processes like blood pressure become overactive. So this complementary therapy can help lower your blood pressure through relaxation techniques and mental exercises. 

Being an electromagnetic therapy, the healthy waves emitted by the body are amplified, and the pathological (ill) ones are picked up by a special biofeedback device and remedied. The change of frequency and amplitude of electro-waves makes this process possible. 

In which diseases were the best results of biofeedback therapy recorded?

Virtually any condition can benefit from effective biofeedback therapy.

About 90% of patients are people with real health problems, who have been looking for an alternative way to cure after the methods of classical medicine have failed.

The main problems of the patients are: 

  • low immune system 
  • aging of the tissues 
  • intoxications with various types of substances 
  • rheumatism, especially arthrosis and arthritis 
  • circulatory system problems related to heart disease, etc.

Stress, the disease of the century, will soon become the leading cause of death in the civilized world. Therefore, in combating stress, biofeedback therapies have proven to be the most efficient. 

How is it used in hospitals? 

Quantum therapy is a harmless, painless method that has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of ailments. If a person is hospitalized, this therapy can be done to quickly identify a problem so that the patient doesn’t have to stay in the hospital very long. 

A big advantage is that the results are received on the spot.

Biofeedback therapy can increase the effectiveness of drug care and can be combined with alternative therapies to achieve spectacular results, sometimes even considered “miraculous”.

If, for example, a patient has an unknown problem related to liver poisoning or the presence of foreign bodies in the gallbladder, respectively stones, all these problems lead to energy imbalance of those organs, which is detected on the spot.

The condition can be chronic, acute, or about to set in.

A fine recognition follows, which leads to the identification, with a probability of 85-90%, which in the medical world represents a lot, of the type of disease, based on which the programs of the device and the doctor draw a series of conclusions regarding the risk factors that can affect the patient’s health, the way of medicaments, as well as the optimal duration of therapy.

To detect these energy imbalances, a few electrodes are placed on the forehead and on both hands and feet, then a complete scan of the patient’s body is performed, for a short duration of about 3 to 5 minutes, without using invasive methods, such as irradiating the patient, swallowing evidence of contrast agents, blood tests, etc.

This type of biofeedback investigation does not require the collection of blood, urine, or tissue samples, is non-invasive, non-radiant, does not use ingestion of substances. 

Therefore, people don’t have to be hospitalized for days, since a procedure can be done in a few hours. This helps more severe medical cases to have priority and be taken care of quickly. Biofeedback used in hospitals helps with emergencies and precious time spent in a waiting room. 

A great advantage of this evaluation method is that it can be used by anyone: adults, pregnant women, children, even babies, and the elderly. The only contraindication is for those who have a pacemaker.

No special training is required to benefit from such a test, as magnetic biofeedback requires only the connection of electrodes to the head, hands, and feet.

The examination is done in a single session! There are no contraindications or side effects caused by using a biofeedback device

For a general assessment of the body, only one session is needed, which lasts about an hour.

Many hospitals already have therapists in quantum medicine, in their own special office, who can operate a biofeedback device and whose purpose is to serve and complete traditional medicine.