Physiotherapy and magnetic biofeedback

BIORESONANCE is a painless, non-invasive evaluation of the entire body.

Magnetic bio-resonance can diagnose diseases in their early stages in less than an hour and can also be used to treat them. This type of assessment has the advantage of being accessible to all people, including adults, pregnant women, children, and the elderly. It should only be avoided by persons who have a pacemaker. Magnetic bio-resonance just involves the connecting of a few electrodes, thus there are no special preparations required for people in order to benefit from this test.

Biofeedback using real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging data has been shown in recent research to help people gain control of activity in specific portions of their brain and alter functional connectivity between them.

Bio-resonance is based on the premise that DNA damage causes sick cells or organs to emit altered electromagnetic waves. Advocates believe that detecting these waves can be used to diagnose disease and that restoring these waves to their normal frequency can treat it.

Electronic equipment is used in bio-resonance magnetic therapies, which promise to identify damaged internal organs as well as “normalize” the body’s electrical characteristics and wave emissions. This is based on the premise that damaged cells or organs create abnormal electromagnetic waves, which can be reversed to cure the body. The equipment may then adjust those energy frequencies to allow the body’s cells to vibrate at their “natural frequency,” ostensibly treating the disease.

The best part is that a general examination of the body takes only one hour of your time, and the fact that the findings are available immediately is astounding and a significant benefit to the patient. Testing may be followed by as many therapy sessions as necessary if certain conditions are detected.

The doctor may now recommend up to three weekly treatments or more, depending on the severity of the sickness. The number of therapy sessions needed varies depending on the individual.

Magnetic bio-resonance therapy and natural treatment can be used in conjunction with the allopathic doctor’s recommendations. This has the advantage of reducing the negative effects of synthetic medications.

The state-of-the-art computerized system for assessing general health utilizes a non-invasive method that does not involve the use of radiation, blood samples, or the absorption of chemicals. More than 9000 active components and principles in the body are recorded and analyzed by the investigation complex. The information is gathered by placing an electrode in the palm of the hand, which provides the patient’s overall condition.

We can better understand and cure some disorders with the help of this device because the use of bio-resonance to treat allergies and related illnesses such as eczema and asthma is one of the most well-studied areas of bio-resonance treatment.

Bio-resonance may aid with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by modulating how antioxidants operate in the body, according to some research.

Some users believe that bio-resonance can “kill” cancer by activating tumor suppressor genes or decreasing the impact of hyperactive cells.

Bio-resonance has also been used to relieve stomach pain. In one study, this medication was found to be useful in treating stomach pain that was not caused by a specific diagnosis.

This therapy technique has also been proved to help by activating the immune system, which protects the body from parasites, viruses, and bacteria attacks in the future.

Memory and mental activity are both enhanced. Reduces body fat and obesity by increasing cellular metabolism. 

It promotes and activates the cleansing of the liver, kidneys, bile, digestive system, blood, and lymphatic system.

It has no effect on helpful bacteria by eliminating harmful bacteria (helps and accelerates their development).

The human body’s organs and systems are all supported.

What you should know is that the outcomes that can be obtained are totally individual and are dependent on each man’s efforts. To aid the process, you will need to consume more alkaline foods (fruits, juices, vegetables, salads, medicinal herbs superfoods, MLS, ALT, and so on), as well as minimize your consumption of acidic foods (dough, gluten, yeast, sugar, animal protein). It’s vital to remember that this isn’t about medical therapies, but rather about suggested habits and alternative treatments.

It’s all about a vital change in your lifestyle and the way you choose to do that.

By recognizing the underlying causes of sickness, bio-resonance is a technology that can aid in the identification, prevention, and restoration of health status. To restore the body’s auto-healing system and treat disease-causing pathological situations, bio-resonance therapy aims to restore the body’s energy flow, eradicate pathological conditions, and promote health. Traditional medicine is not supposed to be replaced by biofeedback. It’s important, though, because it ‘complements’ traditional medicine because it’s a new technique that, in the future, could prove to be a novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategy for avoiding and treating disease’s hidden origins in the first place.

Once discordant frequencies have been discovered, bio-resonance therapy is a phenomenally effective treatment. Electromagnetic impulses are sent in specific ranges to match and harmonize discordance, which drives the body to mend itself at a rapid rate due to the return to its normal state.

Stress-inducing variables and unfavorable environmental circumstances interfere with cell communication. Toxins, microorganisms, food, and external stressors are all part of this. Organic alterations and physical symptoms occur as our cellular activity is hampered. As a result, your bio-resonance will change.

The release of hazardous compounds and interference is ensured with bio-resonance therapy.

Within a few sessions, the greatest bio-resonance therapy has to offer will return your body to a healthy state.

Some could say that breaking old habits is difficult.

Changing your habits, and thus your life is a multi-step process that needs a significant amount of time, effort, and labor.

Adopting new, healthier behaviors will help you prevent major health issues like obesity and diabetes, which can lead to more serious issues in the future. A good old healthy diet and frequent physical activity are two new habits that may help you lose weight and gain energy. These modifications may become embedded in your daily routine if you stay with them for a while.