Have yourself a detox after the holidays

After all of the festive and caloric meals of the holidays, start the New Year well and eliminate toxins with a detoxification cure of your body. According to nutrition experts, there are a few ways you can eliminate that “holiday toxin”. 

What’s most important, is understanding how these meals can affect your body.

Surely we all enjoyed the holidays and no matter how much we would like to eat healthy during that time, there are surprises, and by that, I mean different goodies that distract us from the healthy food we’re supposed to eat. 

During this period our body becomes exposed to various toxins that must be either prevented or eliminated (if possible). We must also take into account unseen toxins, pollutants, disinfectant substances, those with which we meet quite often and which we do not take into account.

During the cold season, our bodies become more vulnerable. As a result, our bodies are more prone to viruses in the winter. Pathogens, bacteria and fungus, parasites, and other microbes all fall under the category of toxins.

Bacteria are germs that live inside our bodies and die after a period of time, leaving residues in the lymphatic system, liver, and other organs. If the lymphatic system is well-maintained, drinking plenty of water (alkaline water is best) and keeping the escape channels open, is able to clear the majority of these accumulations.

Toxins and stress are two of the most common problems that people encounter. Our immune system, on the other hand, spends much of its time trying to eradicate all pathogens, which use a lot of our energy and leave a lot of toxins behind. 

After the holiday season, a significant amount of additives has been accumulated. 

We already know that many foods contain a variety of additives that are detrimental to our health rather than beneficial. These additives have the potential to weaken our immune system.

In addition to the large amounts of sugar in processed foods, they often contain flavors and additives, which, over time, degrade our health and harm our bodies in ways we never imagined. Unfortunately, many of us do not place a high value on product contents, believing that if we do not consume huge quantities of these items, nothing will happen.

Chemicals are widely used to keep food from spoiling and to increase its shelf life in stores and in our kitchens. The majority of packaged goods we buy in shops contain preservative chemicals, which are designed to protect us from food poisoning caused by expired foods.

Now, gradually begin the detoxification process. Don’t start a detox cure on a whim, but rather prepare your body 2-3 days ahead of time by eliminating sugar, dairy, meat, and any processed foods, as well as sodas, coffee, and alcohol.

Then comes the most important part: mentally prepare yourself. Understand the significance of it as you begin your detox treatment.

Begin forming good habits as soon as a month before. Start by “cleaning your house”, start by removing unhealthy foods from your home.

The good old sleep: Try sleeping for at least seven to eight hours per night. Sleep disturbances are most of the time the cause and are associated with weight problems, according to studies.

A breath of fresh air didn’t harm anyone. Every day, in the morning or in the evening, go for a long walk or simply start with some kind of physical activity. It can be whatever you like… from running to going to the gym or yoga.

Begin your day right by going for a run… If you don’t like running, you can always try yoga, as I said previously. Yoga gives our body lots of strength, balance, and flexibility.

The good old most important meal of the day, right? Have breakfast every morning. Make that your first meal of the day, preferably at home.

The last and the most important – have a detox check. There are three categories that are being checked:


While our livers, kidneys, skin, and lymphatic systems work around the clock to remove these dangerous toxins from our bodies, they frequently fall short.

  • The second category is PATHOGENIC TOXINS.

The worst thing about these? They have the ability to cause disease at any time. Depending on the pathogen, there are a few different routes of transmission: saliva, blood, foods we eat, and the air we breathe. An intestinal pathogen is usually spread by food or water, whereas a respiratory pathogen is usually spread by air.

  • The third category is SELF-INDUCED TOXINS.

This is frequently the result of a poor diet high in processed meats, refined carbohydrates, and sugars. We do not consume enough nutrient-dense foods, which our bodies require to function properly.

The BIOFEEDBACK device can be used to treat a variety of conditions, from fatigue, exhaustion, burnout, pathogenic stress, mental health issues, overthinking, hormonal disruptions, food sensitivities, intestinal toxins, and so on and so forth.

You will go through a complete scan, during which the device will begin to uncover the root cause of your symptoms.

Shortly after, you will receive rebalancing feedback.

What is the significance of self-care during the holidays?

Consider self-care as a way to protect your mental and physical health. Make the best version of yourself so that you can give the best version of yourself to others. The holiday season is often a blur that leaves us exhausted and out of sorts.

Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where we now have therapies such as BIOFEEDBACK therapy, which has been shown to help a large number of people all over the world by identifying the problem within themselves and gradually treating it.

After all, in order to heal your body, you must first identify the problem.