Quantum medicine - integrative vision of the human health

According to the World Health Organization, integrative medicine is a new concept that combines conventional medical treatment with complementary and alternative treatments for which there is scientific evidence of efficacy and safety. It is a fiery direction for both the medical body and the patients, as it has been discovered that in many cases, the tendency to over-specialize in highly specialized fields limits significant treatment options.

What is quantum medicine?

Quantum medicine can be defined as both an old and new science. “Old” in the sense that certain theoretical principles and practical methods have been “intuited” since the beginnings of human existence, and “new” in the sense that quantum physics has only recently managed to provide the most effective ancient healing techniques with indisputable scientific support, through the latest discoveries about the dual nature (energetic and material) of the atoms and molecules that constitute us.

Quantum medicine applies the most recent quantum physics discoveries to medicine and creates the necessary starting point for the application of Preventive Medicine and Integrative Medicine principles. It provides the prerequisites for the detection of diseases at an early stage, or even of various disease risks before clinical manifestations or changes in imaging assessments or biological samples; it also provides the prerequisites for the detection of diseases at an early stage, or even of various disease risks before clinical manifestations or changes in imaging assessments or biological samples. This method can be used to diagnose and cure a wide range of diseases. Any organ, tissue, system, or part of the organism can be assessed, such as:

  • Cardio-vascular system

  • Digestive system

  • Respiratory system

  • Urinary and reproductive system

  • Muscular system

  • Nervous system


Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites) can be found in various tissues, and allergens (substances in the environment to which the patient may develop allergies) can be detected (chemicals, dust, pollen, and more).

We should always incorporate the most up-to-date methods into medical practice in order to provide each patient with the most appropriate treatment, and we should consider that the answers in future medicine will come from this new branch of medicine, Quantum Medicine, and its judicious integration with other existing methods. Patients are encouraged to embrace this integrative perspective, which is far more appropriate to chronic conditions than the allopathic approach. People must also be properly informed about the options for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, because if we know that electromagnetic phenomena occur in biological organisms in addition to chemical exchanges, then they must be corrected, and this does not happen through allopathic methods, which approach medicine solely through bio-chemical exchanges.

Only at the energy-informational level, as it appeared, can sickness be truly cured. Any sickness which enters man’s consciousness via an information virus, is actually a false view about the universe and life. The collective consciousness’s erroneous beliefs are the most difficult to modify, but not impossible. The assumption that a disease is a regular occurrence is enough to keep that certain disease present in people’s lives. Inner conflicts between mind and soul, identification with the physical body and its reality, misunderstanding of how reality is created, and, last but not least, identification with the “personal drama” resulting from distrust in the course of life and non-recognition of reality’s illusory nature, are the real causes of physical illness.

True healing is achieved by removing the sources and changing erroneous or infectious data. Quantum medicine is spiritual medicine that is based on the manifestation of awareness. The medicine works at the level of the matrix from which this virtual world is produced, rather than on the physical body. Quantum medicine heals by involving the person in an inner transformation in accordance with the new level of vibration in order to keep it alert.

We now know that every organ, when functioning properly, emits electromagnetic fields-waves, frequencies, and vibrations, and that the universe is vibration, as Tesla and Einstein and, in general, all physicists with a connection to medicine have stated, and that the human universe is vibration as well. If all of this looked like philosophies before now, we now have enough technology to quantify these things with actual and accurate, quantitative results.

We can measure the intensity and dispersion of photons emitted by the human body. Because there are certain correlations between the emission at the peripheral level (from the fingers) and the functions of the interior organs, they essentially tell us what is going on at the organ level. Any illness state affects the Bio-field of that organ in a specific way.

Basically, we now have more information to guide us toward a more tailored, successful treatment based on natural principles. Quantum medicine equipment helps us treat, not simply study, electromagnetic wave disruptions. That’s how we get to organ frequencies that are healthy.

Reducing something to its simplest form is a form of internal organ physiotherapy. We may also use pulsed light to apply photons of a specific frequency where they aren’t present. Phytotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and quantum medicine all have a common ingredient that addresses this vibrational component.

It is a question of the patient’s mental and emotional condition changing at the same time as his overall health status changes. Frequently, the solution must be given in a unique manner. That’s where it has to start if the emotional component is very powerful. Integrative psychology is also practiced by several of our colleagues.

The preventative chapter’s nutrition section is crucial. There is an increase in allergies and dietary intolerances, a complicated disease created by shortages or excesses, to which low immunity is added, without a full and competent control with appropriate therapy.

Food intolerance tests provide a wealth of information concerning these disorders, which we may or may not be aware of. The outcomes will be visible practically immediately if we feed the body sustenance that is suitable for. To prevent causing us more harm than good, we must standardize our eating habits.

Alternative or complementary therapies aren’t appropriate for all diseases. When a patient is suffering from a critical illness, it is necessary for them to develop an integrated mindset. We need to take care of our health in order to progress in our daily lives.