Quantum medicine in Romania

Quantum medicine has become very popular nowadays as a new therapeutic practice that is mainly based on the idea of healing through or with energy.

The concept is very popular abroad, new in Romania and is now presented all over the world as the medicine of the future.

What is Quantum medicine?

Quantum medicine was inspired by quantum mechanics (a current physics theory that attempts to explain matter at the atomic level) and applied information from this subject to human psychology and biology.

We know that every living body contains energy that, and as scary as it may sound, if it falls below a particular threshold, causes death. Any circumstance, especially one with a high energy consumption, is practically an energy imbalance.

When a person has certain disorders, they consume a significant portion of the body’s energy, lowering its level, which is frequently manifested as exhaustion and softness. Eating and resting can help you gain energy, but it’s not enough…

As a result, an energy treatment can significantly replenish the organism’s energy level, resulting in the creation of an “energy store” that is accessible to the live body and from which energy can be directed as needed.

A physical, mental, or behavioral problem is almost always the result of an energy imbalance, which can be corrected by gradually increasing physiological energy intake.

Because the human body is essentially composed of energy, a contribution of energy will help every part of our body.

Healing can take place on any of the following levels in this situation: psychological, physical, emotional, or spiritual.

How can a simple session of energy treatment help?

  • Immunity can be improved significantly
  • The level of stress is reduced drastically
  • It regenerates the cells
  • Removing emotional stumbling blocks

How does this work?

In general, there are no limitations, and anyone can benefit from the process. There are no restrictions on age. There aren’t any negative effects.

It can be done as many times as required. There are no X-rays or other dangerous sources of radiation used.

The equipment can pinpoint the problem in great detail, and depending on the severity of the difficulties detected, the inspection may take less or more time.

In terms of treatment, the device sends the appropriate frequencies to the affected areas. In addition, based on the symptoms observed, the patient can receive treatment and personalized nutritional recommendations.

Quantum medicine is applicable to all types of disease, with applications in the field of neurology. It claims to alleviate pain and diseases at this level by strengthening the nerves using light therapy or light mobility of muscles and joints. However, there is no scientific proof for the usefulness of light therapy, and manual manipulation of joints or muscles, no matter how delicate, is a kind of chiropractic, which is another technique with no scientific validity.

What are the benefits of this therapy method?

The use of electromagnetic BIOFEEDBACK inquiry to diagnose and treat the entire organism is a safe and effective procedure.

to determine whether the stress is acute or chronic.

External electromagnetic fields, irradiation, and other forms of hazardous fields are assessed for their aggression.

The methods are not harmful to the body and can be repeated as needed.

The immune system’s condition, as well as the human body’s homeostasis and electrostatic characteristics, are determined.

In a brief amount of time, multiple functional, organic, and informational aspects are assessed.

In preclinical stages, risk factors, predispositions to certain diseases, and functional changes can all be detected early.

Although quantum medicine has proven to be quite beneficial, many who have not studied this discipline are unfamiliar with quantum physics concepts. That is why a small number of people take advantage of this fertile ground of ignorance and misunderstanding to deceive and peddle quantum powers, concepts, and therapeutic treatments based on our awareness’ potential to control reality.

Unlike previous alternative therapies, quantum therapy has borrowed specialized terms from quantum mechanics in order to lend more credibility to the ideas on which it is based, even if, upon closer examination, the only similarity between the two quantum approaches is the naming of terms, not their meaning.

The treatment through this new method is new and revolutionary yet not explored to its full potential. Quantum medicine is considered the medicine of the future

Biofeedback is gradually becoming a much-discussed method because it isn’t being used to its full potential, which includes therapy for a variety of diseases and health issues.

Quantum Medicine, it is stated, is an ancient practice that has now been scientifically established.

Technology and science seem to be evolving at a fast rate these days, allowing us to better help our own bodies and keep track of our health.

Every day, we all have the opportunity to enhance our health, and we may now do so with certainty.

The new and revolutionary ways have been shown to improve our health in a timely and efficient manner.