Quantum healing, quantum life

In today’s article, we’ll talk about quantum medicine and what it means to lead a quantum life through this quantum healing therapy. 

Surely you have heard of concepts such as integrative medicine, quantum medicine, energy medicine, or a holistic approach. First of all, you must know that quantum medicine is also referred to as energetic or holistic medicine. 

Quantum medicine and healing

Quantum medicine is part of the Western New Age spiritual current, which is very popular today. This new therapeutic practice is based on the idea of “energy healing“, a concept on which many other alternative therapies are based.

Unlike old alternative practices, quantum therapy has borrowed specialized terms from quantum mechanics, thus trying to give more credibility to the ideas on which it is based, even if in the end, a careful analysis, the similarity between the two quantum approaches is only in the name of some terms, not in their sense.

Quantum medicine was inspired by quantum mechanics (an important recent theory of modern physics that tries to explain the matter at the atomic level) and applied knowledge in this field to human psychology and biology. Quantum medicine proposes a therapeutic approach based on the synthesis of reinterpreted concepts and laws of quantum physics and superstitions and mystical ideas specific to oriental medicine.

From the perspective of this alternative therapy, the individual is a field of energy and information that interacts (through cyber feedback loops) with an external field of energy and information. Human consciousness can thus come into contact with the universe. In terms of health, our mind would have the ability to heal the body by rebalancing the energy field.

Quantum medicine is based on the use of energy waves, meaning the administration of very low doses of electromagnetic radiation, to help diagnose, prevent and regenerate the health of an individual. Quantum treatments aim to restore the electromagnetic field and the information state altered by various pathological factors.

The application of quantum medicine involves two parts:

  • In the first phase, the causes that determine the disease are identified, by accessing the information stored in the cellular memory of the organism. Also at this level, the possible energy blockages that hinder the healing process must be discovered.
  • In the second stage, the correction, the energy blockages are removed to allow the body to heal itself because, from the perspective of quantum medicine, healing comes only from within. 

Quantum medicine addresses all forms of the disease, its applications going as far as the field of neurology. In this case, light therapy or easy mobilization of muscles and joints, claims to remove pain and conditions at this level by strengthening the nerves. However, the effectiveness of light therapy is lacking in scientific evidence, and physical manipulation of joints or muscles, no matter how gentle, is a form of chiropractic, again a practice lacking in scientific validity.

Energetic informational medicine supports the body in detoxification treatments down to the cellular level after invasive treatments such as chemo/radiotherapies, unblocks the body’s energy meridians, and neutralizes emotional shock. By doing so, it manages to balance the language of our psyche, which is heard by the brain and transmitted to all cells of the body. Any cure for a disease is controlled by the neuro-vegetative system. The chronic disease shows that the neuro-vegetative system has lost control of the body.

What does it mean to lead a quantum life?

Why do certain diseases start? Is it a physiological cause or does it still come from our soul? How can someone who has a serious illness cope with the situation? Who and what does he need?

From the earliest times, mankind has wondered about the meaning of life, and in all religions, there is a concern to find an answer. Why do we come into the world if we have to leave fast enough anyway?! Every man who encounters a serious illness during his life that can lead him to the limit of his existence, asks himself the question: why me? Of course, there are serious chapters in our existence when we hear that we are sick of an incurable disease, or our fate has hit us in an irreparable way, many of us can no longer get out of this “tunnel”. Any bad diagnosis is an emotional shock to the person concerned.

Therefore, could natural healing be possible? 

Many people think that, for each of us, the Creator foresaw a path of life that should make us happy. Yet, for various reasons, man “deviated” from his path and moved further and further away from his predestination on Earth. This deviation leads after a while, to frustrations, dissatisfaction, often deeply hidden in our subconscious, which we may have forgotten (but our subconscious did not) which of course lead after a certain period of time, to various forms of illness.

Many times it may be necessary to make radical changes in life (change of profession, the separation between spouses, change of residence, city, etc) in order to get back on the predestined path that leads to healing.

Many years ago, a great English “naturist” doctor, Dr. Bach, who provided us with flower therapy, a therapy of great energy value, recommended: “The future doctor will have a very heavy burden. He will have to be able to recommend to his patient the “medicine” that heals his material body, to give him hope and confidence that he will do well. The Physician-Therapist must find the emotional link to his patient’s soul, that is, give him “the medicine that suits his soul”. Dr. Bach said a confused and disoriented world needs this type of doctor and it will not be easy. 

Do you live as if it were your last day of life, or set yourself a goal worth living for? Here is the question that everyone who is in such a situation should ask themselves individually. Let us no longer be our own saboteur, but let us love ourselves and heal ourselves. 

Leading a quantum life means being in touch with the needs of our soul for our material body.