Why is spirituality important in the activity and life of a therapist?

Have you ever wondered how therapists are so resilient to the amount of information they have assimilated over the years of therapy behind them? How do they “treat” themselves and what is the spiritual endeavor they go through every day to cope with the job or the calling to be a therapist and help so many people? Let’s learn more about this in today’s brand-new article. 

What are the basic conditions for a therapist?

Specifically, the conditions that a therapist should meet in order to practice in this field. We will talk from now on and from the point of view of a therapist.

When we use a biofeedback device, it is good to know and understand that this is not just what we believe, and it does not do just one thing. That device is an extension of us, as therapists. So it depends on the way the therapist works, to the same extent that he can help people.

Even if the therapist has a medical device and a laptop in front of him or her, it’s more than that. We will refer more from a spiritual point of view.  

It is important to know that the magnetic biofeedback imaging device performs “light surgery”. Might sound interesting, a surgery using light, right? But it’s more than we think. Depending on the therapist’s personality and way of being, more “magical” things happen. So a first condition would be a change of attitude regarding biofeedback, and this can make you rise to another level as a therapist. This can make you understand more and be more open-minded. And it is very important to strike this balance

Of course, you also need to have a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, to be well hydrated (because water is a conductor of energy), to exercise, to have a routine in which you take care of yourself. All this and the way you treat yourself as a person gives you the balance you need to be an example for other people and of course to your patients.

This balance increases our energy and inner light. People are attracted to a certain therapist because they have good feedback, or because their image inspires them, or there is simply compatibility. But before that, people come because they are attracted to the inner light of the therapist.

Basically, the purpose of the therapist is to raise the vibration of people. Every man who comes to increase his vibration and inner light will, in turn, be an example to follow. We, humans, are interconnected, and if one person in the family, for example, is unbalanced, he will pull them all down, but if one person changes his vibration and rises to another level, he can help others. Basically, this is the activity of therapists, therapists, and lightworkers. If we are talking about spirituality, this is the purpose.

Another important detail is how we work in the office.

The first thing is to respect the distance between the therapist and the patient. We must not take upon ourselves all the problems and negative energies of all the people who come into our office. In addition, we need to think about how long we want to spend with a patient in a session, depending on what needs treatment (half an hour, an hour), so that it is enough and not in a hurry. As long as you, as a therapist, feel that it is enough to solve problems in one session.

What do therapists do to maintain inner balance?

First of all, it is very important to analyze our lives. If we are in toxic relationships or have toxic people around, they will decrease our energy and vibration. So we need to analyze ourselves and our inner self.

We must also be careful to be an example of inspiration to people. Because we can’t tell people that we have various programs to help them lose extra pounds, but we don’t see it. Or help them quit smoking, but we have this habit. So we need to take as much care of ourselves as possible to raise our vibrations and be in balance before we can treat other people.

We can do this by taking general care of our physical and mental health. Therapists must also do their own biofeedback therapy at least once a week. It is good to clean your chakras constantly. Because therapists are constantly charged with other people’s energies, with negative karma, and all of this can be overwhelming. Therefore, all those energies must be constantly cleaned.

How important is spirituality in the life of a therapist

In order to maintain our inner light, it is especially important to have a beautiful connection to divinity. It is important to take from the holy places what is good for us. As therapists, we need this energetic cleansing that we can receive at the holy liturgy or on regular visits to the church or places full of spirituality.

Many people who come to therapy often have many different entities that take their energy. And these entities can cling to you, so it is very important to have divine protection. We can do this by praying, fasting, or eating less meat.

The protection of the therapist is very important. A biofeedback therapist needs energy protection, divine protection.

Another important thing we need to do as therapists is to believe that we are doing all we can to help others. We need to have faith that we will be able to help others. Because our purpose is to show them away and to guide them into healing, to connect them with the divinity, to align all the chakras, and cleanse them. And first of all, the person or the patient must want this help. Must come to us and ask for it. 

Overall, it is not an easy thing to be a therapist in this field of knowledge, full of energetic vibes of all kinds. But if you have a strong spiritual sense of self and learn how to take care of yourself, you can do a lot of great and magical things in this world and for others.