Substances and heavy metals detox for the body

In this new year’s article, we’re going to approach an important subject about our body and what it means to have a detox of substances and heavy metals which were already deposited over time. 

What are the effects of these substances, how do we recognize that something is wrong and what can we do to cleanse our metabolism and give it the re-start it needs? 

Read more to find out. 

This is a topic that we really like because all health problems start from the very large accumulation of toxins in the body, toxins of all kinds.

For detoxification to be effective and healthy and to bring us good results, it is important that the person is very well hydrated. Water plays the most important role because it is a conductor of energy, light, oxygen, and nutrients. If a person consumes few fluids, he or she will be very poor in terms of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other nutrients.

How much water should we consume? Experts say that the required amount is between 40 and 50 ml per kilogram of body weight. For water to enter the cells of the body well, it would be good to have a negative and alkaline PH. It is also called “living water” or “water of life”.

Under what conditions can we NOT do a detox?

We should never do detoxification at the first therapy. At the first therapy, we balance the parameters, we do other therapies, we do a protocol, we release the organs, we can do lymphatic drainage but we are not working on detox yet. Why? Because the patient does not yet have the energy channels or organs ready. They probably also have blocked liver and kidneys, so we don’t release toxins from the first therapy. Because we risk doing more harm than good!

In other conditions, if a patient is seriously ill, we do not do detoxification from the first couple of sessions. We let the patient stabilize until they feel better, and the organs start to function better so they can get rid of those toxins.

Also, it is not good for very old people because their hydration level is very low, no matter how much water they consume. When a child is born, it has a hydration of about 85%, and a person who is older reaches a percentage of 40-45%. If we do not consume enough fluids and especially quality water all our lives, this contributes to premature aging and dehydration, which play a very important role in muscles and bones.

Also, we should not do detoxification on pregnant or lactating women.

Under what conditions can we NOT detox heavy metals and other substances?

We do not detoxify active substances, allopathic medicines if the person is still on treatment. We can do it only after a period of drug treatment. In this case, we do not enter the name of the drug, but the patient must come with a leaflet and enter in the matrix of the ED.X and NUCLEUS device and enter the active substance of the drug.

Even in people who have organ transplants and have certain treatments that suppress their immune system, we cannot detox other substances or heavy metals.

How CAN we make a detox with a biofeedback device? 

Here, we refer specifically to detox through Detoxification therapies on ED.X and NUCLEUS biofeedback device. We can do this detox under certain conditions.

In order to be able to do detoxification in good conditions, it is very important to increase the parameters in the Varhope column. More exactly, at this step, it is very important to see what is the percentage of hydration in the patient’s body and the amount of fluids consumed regularly. We are referring specifically to the amount of water, tea, and natural juice, and not taking into consideration other drinks such as soda or coffee, which are not so beneficial.

Then we have to enter into the device’s program, specifically click on Holiotoxicology, from where we choose the color that is more prominent. 

Here we leave what already appears chosen by the patient’s subconscious and see what we want to do the detox on (organs, lymph, etc.). If we want to detoxify certain substances, the following are some options:

– Detoxification of nicotine or caffeine

– Drug substance

– Drugs – the exact substance consumed (heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.) must be entered

– Heavy metals – cadmium, lead (for smokers), aluminum (very toxic), mercury

– Radioactive substances – people undergoing radiation therapy, may inadvertently collect toxic radiation

It is good to choose a substance per session and to remove something from each session. Once we have chosen the substance or the metal we want to work within the ED.X and NUCLEUS matrix, we can choose Cells, DNA, RNA, Tissue, Lymph, Brain.

So we want the detoxification to come out of the cells, the DNA, the RNA, the tissues, the blood, the lymphatic system, the brain, and the skin (which is the largest organ). And if we know we have a very intoxicated organ (for example, the liver) we can add it to the list.

Then we choose Allopathic Drug Detox and let the device work. 

Then you can also choose an Electro program from the right section list, in order to remove heavy metals from the body. 

It is good to know that the biggest stress of the body is when it fights with all the internal factors – with toxins, with parasites, with infections. Since the body is so sensitive to all the above-mentioned factors, we need to be careful when we do detoxification therapy so that we don’t do more harm than good. 

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