Stress, depression, panic attacks

How can we detect and work to stop them?

When a person or multiple people are energetically attacked we can do therapy, help them to evolve, to rise at least on a stage twice as energetic as the one on which they are at the present moment. This helps to increase vibration.

You may be wondering why biofeedback therapy is needed?

Nowadays many problems that we encounter in everyday life tire our body; and our mind.

These problems untreated in time can lead to more serious illnesses in time.

Let’s talk about the most common problems today, problems that most of us face at least once in our lives: depression, insomnia and panic attacks.

What leads to these things is usually stress. Stress can come from many factors and most of the time we get so used to it that we barely even notice is there.

Our body fights every day, every moment of the day with a lot of aggressors, and when it is put in danger it develops fear and so it comes to stress, which leads later on to more serious problems like depression, frequent panic attacks, and lack of sleep.

The problem in your body must be detected on time, and after that, quickly and efficiently treated. You also need to identify the factors that come with it in order to know how to fight that. The issues we discussed are all related in some way or are a result of the primary cause, which is frequently depression.

According to research, insomnia is one of the most common symptoms of depression. In some ways, sleep deprivation and depression are inextricably linked. These two, as we all know, go hand in hand and are harmful to your health.

Many people believe that depression is the root cause of panic attacks.

Few people, however, are aware of the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety, which can temporarily stop panic attacks.

How do people get stressed so easily you might be wondering?

You would be amazed how “easily” a person can get stressed. Among the most common factors are: the accumulation of toxins or when we combine many foods and complicate digestion. 

That’s when our body stops properly processing what it needs to digest and becomes confused and stressed. 

Of course, our body is different from individual to individual and reacts differently so we have to take into account even the smallest details.

It is well known that medications for anxiety, depression, and related symptoms such as insomnia are only marginally more effective than other treatments. Many patients do not respond favorably to pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy, and they frequently experience unpleasant side effects.

Another option is biofeedback, which is a non-invasive treatment technique that allows patients to receive feedback on how their body or brain is functioning and then use that information to improve their body or brain function. Biofeedback therapy captures a person’s psychological state using special sensors that measure heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, or brain activity. When the patient has this information, he or she can try to change his or her heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, or brain activity.

A few sessions of therapy could help balance our energy and balance our personal life and lifestyle. Through biofeedback therapy, the stressors that lead to these serious problems begin to decrease and eventually disappear.

We must discover everything that stresses us inside to stop the onset of depression or panic attacks. Also, external factors such as the busy schedule of a working day can lead to serious problems that can complicate both personal and work life.

How can we work to reduce stress?

I think it’s obvious that having stressed people around you makes you feel as stressed as they are. Those people, who also have low energy vibration need therapeutic support.

Therapy is proven to help you increase energy vibration.

Through ED.X and NUCLEUS we can use energies that work and create good vibrations and positive energy for your body.

It works with the patient’s mind and eventually the patient, naturally, will provide information that we can use later on to find a solution. Information that is chosen from the patient’s subconscious to detect the problem and solve it in a short time.

We can also work on cleaning the aura in an efficient and sustainable way.

The aura is heavily influenced by the situations and people with whom you interact. You are on the daily basis exchanging energies with those around you, and it becomes normal and natural for your aura to become clogged with psychic debris or to pick up on other people’s negative emotions and energy.

The daily things you do might help more than you think to keep yourself positive and away from troubles, but if the problems seem to be deeply rooted and start affecting your life more and more every day, take action. Biofeedback therapy can always help with that.