Hormonal balance and body weight

Did you know that the endocrine system and body weight control are in a much more complex connection than you might think at first glance? 

Of course, you may ask why and the answer is simple: because everything is influenced by several factors such as body constitution, metabolism, or blood type. And all of which influence diet. The chemical reactions produced in the body lead to the accumulation of adipose tissue and toxins either on certain parts of the body – depending on other predispositions – or on the internal organs. 

Therefore, magnetic resonance imaging is here to help in treating dysfunctions that may appear if the endocrine system and body weight control are not functioning properly. Quantum medicine offers some of the therapies available through biofeedback devices such as ED.X and NUCLEUS, and in the article that follows we’ll present some and the way we can use them to treat problems that lead to a lack of control over body weight. 

First of all, you need an in-depth knowledge of the Varhope parameters, which include hydration, oxygenation, and individual dietary needs. This is a first step in the healing process, as it gives you an awareness of what causes the problem and efforts to remedy them. 

We all know (or have heard before) that any weight loss program should start with detoxification, right? In this first step, you might also try a deworming program. 

It is worth noting the influence of this essential stage on the mental state of patients, and a decrease in stress levels is observed. Diets need to be balanced, so protein diets are not an appropriate solution, preferring the introduction of quality products into the diet or, in the worst case, reducing the number of risky products.

Healing can only occur in time and the best treatment is the one that gives the body the tools it needs for self-healing, and the balance of the endocrine system is closely related to the lifestyle a person has at that time.

One of the biofeedback therapies we can do with the ED-X device (formerly known as Eductor1) is Adrenal Balance, which can be associated with an enzyme balancing therapy (Nutrienergy Balance) or one of the levels of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, if any. Hydration is an extremely important and very helpful element in therapy, as it increases the energy conductivity of the body. Quantum medicine can thus focus either on an entire system of the body (the circulatory system, for example) or on a particular organ (bladder, liver, pancreas, etc.). The health and proper functioning of each organ contribute to an organism being completely healthy.

Zap therapies, in turn, are very effective, as are Sarcode therapies, which in quantum medicine can balance both the chakras and the organs they enclose. The Sports Program function contains a very good therapy for the endocrine system, giving the possibility to balance the levels of hormones (Stabilize Hormones) by setting the functions dedicated to tissue acceptance, as well as special functions for inflammation and adipose tissue. Hormonal stimulation should be avoided, as potentially dangerous hormonal imbalances can be inadvertently created.

Also in Sarcode therapies, the treatment of the lymphatic system and the digestive system must in turn be considered, because they have beneficial effects in balancing body weight. Equally, the spine, through the nervous system, is important in the energy circuits on which many of the body’s functions depend, the treatments dedicated to it being, as such, essential. If the first therapy, mentioned above, on the adrenal glands, did not give the desired results, it can be resumed in Sarcode therapy. ED.X and NUCLEUS also gives us the opportunity to intervene on various glands (thyroid, thymus, pituitary, etc.) and to stimulate the metabolism or pancreas (in the case of people with carbohydrate imbalances).

The functions of ED-X (or Eductor1) also allow acting on some emotional and psychological problems, the magnetic biofeedback having an effect even on the psychic traumas, problems that can cause important organic and hormonal imbalances. For best results, it is preferable to work with the treatments that the program highlights as recommended, and then you can add various other treatments from the proposed lists.

Balancing your body weight depends very much on following a healthy diet, especially when it comes to nutrition: in order to allow the body to function normally and consistently, we need to provide it with the energy resources we get from food on time. Failure to follow a relatively constant meal schedule can be one of the reasons why our body feels the need to store fat.

Short Sarcode therapies can also be used in hormonal balancing, choosing from the program the organs we want to act on, such as the lymphatic system, for example. At the end of this therapy, we can see the percentage of rectification of the problems, so that we can repeat the therapy until the complete solution.

Organ-Generator therapies from ED-X (or Eductor1) propose, among other things, some treatments dedicated to remedying metabolic problems, those of the digestive system, as well as hormonal treatment, all of which can be used to repair weight imbalances. “Feel Good” therapy can be used at the end of the treatment to give the body a feeling of well-being and comfort.

In order for all these therapies to work as well as possible, it is very important for the patient to be helped to correct their lifestyle in the first place: hydration, nutrition, and sleep. Gradually giving up the various vices we may have is much easier to achieve if they are replaced by healthy habits. For example, coffee consumption can be reduced by supplementing the body’s need for tea or other fluids. We just have to find that product that is healthy and at the same time creates the well-being or pleasure that addiction would give us. Be careful, however, when using electronic cigarettes to reduce smoking, they are just as harmful and can contain substances that are dangerous to the body, such as aluminum.

In conclusion, bodyweight control is an extremely complex process that can be influenced by the functioning of both the various internal organs and, in particular, the endocrine system. Quantum medicine and magnetic biofeedback are a real help in establishing treatment regimens and finding the best natural solutions to regulate hormonal imbalances and organic dysfunctions that can negatively affect our weight.