Nutritional deficiencies and the importance of nutrition

 “A healthy nutrition is knowledge and art.”

Eating healthy is art, as long as we understand our body and know what it needs most. We all believe that we have a proper and balanced diet, but most of the time we fall into the spell of different delicacies. Our nutrition is important. Proper nutrition can result in a young and happy body. First and foremost, nutrition should start with the most important thing: Water. 

Water supports life, and for the good functioning of our body, hydration is vital.

Water is a transporter of nutrients, a transporter of energy that circulates in our body. If there is not enough water, the energy does not circulate, there are blocked meridians, meridians that block organs in turn, and so on and so forth. Water also has the role of oxygenation because it breaks down in our body into hydrogen-oxygen. If we do not have water, oxygenation is not satisfactory even if we do breathing exercises, even if we do sports, and especially if we do not consume enough fluids (water, tea, and natural juices).

If the water flows, vessels and fluidized blood will circulate and provide nutrients to each cell, but each cell also needs water, oxygen, and carbon.

What types of water do we require for our bodies? 

Water must be alkaline and of good quality. Within 6-8 hours, our bodies will operate and digest water. Many people suffer from water retention as a result of this. Metabolism is extremely clogged, if not drunk. Water is tough to digest, and it takes 6-8 hours for the water to reach the intracellular level after we drink it. It depends on the water’s quality and how much our bodies require. Unless it is high-quality, alkaline water, our bodies do not have enough time to metabolize all of the water we ingest. Because it does not have the energy to metabolize everything, the body will only metabolize a little quantity in these conditions. 

Metabolizing water means consuming vital energy from your own energy battery in life, it means taking precious minerals to alkalize it, and that takes a lot of time and resources so the body only calculates the priorities it can meet to maintain life. Oxygenation can be increased by various means, such as yoga, breathing exercises, and sports in general.

Now let’s talk about carbon. Just like water, our body needs quality and very varied food, organic food. But even organic crops are attacked by pests most of the time.

If we use chemicals to get rid of them, then we no longer have organic culture. As we are constantly attacked by various pests (parasites, microbes), so are crops constantly attacked. Parasites feed on blood, already metabolized food.

During digestion, food is combined and transported through the digestive tract, where large molecules are chemically broken down into smaller molecules. The process of digestion begins in the mouth and ends in the small intestine. One of the most crucial aspects is how we maintain our dental hygiene. Chewing is best done 50 times, according to research, and the most crucial aspect of chewing is to feel the taste in depth. If we want to help our bodies digest the food we eat better and faster, we must do so.

It also depends on the health of our stomach whether the digestion is a good one. It is also important not to consume liquids during meals. Some studies show that water should be consumed half an hour before eating. Consuming liquids exactly before and after meals leads to the dissolution of gastric juices and then digestion becomes incomplete and unhealthy. It also matters how healthy our intestines are and whether the transit is regular or not.

Why healthy intestines? It’s very simple. Just like the food we eat, our body carries many bacteria and parasites. 

If you are wondering who is eating your food, the answer is right in front of you. Parasites are the primary cause for that, followed by the vices that many of us have, such as drinking coffee or smoking excessively.

Eating simply, without combining several meals, is significantly healthier. Another crucial factor to consider when picking foods is your blood type. Because the body cannot metabolize meat with goods containing a lot of starch, protein products should only be mixed with non-starchy vegetables. Our metabolism in general is not particularly quick. 

Try every day to introduce something new that helps your health.

One way we can do that is detoxification. Some studies show that a detox is done once every six months can increase and help our quality of life. Before starting the detox cure try to gradually reduce as much as possible the amount of toxin you introduce into the body:

  • Avoid refined foods that contain food additives 
  • Eliminate fat or fried foods.
  • Remove products from white flour.
  • Avoid consumption of sugar, coffee, carbonated drinks
  • Eat lots of fiber, including brown rice, fruit, and legumes
  • Take vitamins 
  • Drink as much water as possible

Biofeedback can help as well, especially the ED.X and NUCLEUS device. This can help you keep track of what you consume daily, in terms of food, water, vitamins, fiber. The device’s three-stimulus system provides a 3D stimulation field that will diagnose and resolve all the deficiencies in your body regarding nutrition. 

You can also keep track of your diet by writing it down on paper, keeping notes on your computer or digital device, or using a diet tracking website or app. Most of these systems allow us to keep track of when you eat, what you eat, when, and even how.

We can do it one step at a time. After all, being healthy should be a goal you set for yourself, one that you keep in mind every day as a reminder that our bodies deserve the best. Consider how many diseases or difficulties you may avoid simply by eating properly.

Being healthy entails not only avoiding certain health problems but also enhancing our self-esteem. It entails devoting a tiny portion of our valuable time to ensuring that we show ourselves in the best possible light. The health of our body begins and ends with us, with the choices we make every day to keep everything on track.