How do we eat healthy during the holidays and maintain our weight?

Have you ever wondered how some people just eat and eat and still don’t gain weight? And are you wondering now how you should try to eat healthy even during the holidays so that you can maintain your weight? 

If the answers are yes, then you’re definitely on the right page! 

Maybe this topic may sound a little bizarre or hard to reach, because during the holiday’s people usually make a lot of food combinations, due to the wide variety of dishes and recipes, which are specifically festive. Because of this, digestive problems occur. But you should know that you can enjoy the holidays and all those traditional dishes in a healthier way. 

Eventually, the real joy is that people gather around the table, to enjoy the presence of family, friends, and loved ones, while eating. So, group energy is created, and even if some people usually don’t eat certain foods, because of that group energy. And even if, eventually, we try everything, we can still choose certain combinations that do not give us a “boulder in the stomach” after eating. Even if we feel full and satisfied and enjoy the holiday foods, it is still good to have somewhat healthy digestion, so that we can assimilate everything we eat. 

The paradox here is that people eat a lot and have the impression that they will assimilate a lot, but when certain food combinations are made, only a small part is assimilated, and the rest remain in the digestive tract for up to 2,3 or even 4 days. 

But if we choose to make certain combinations a little healthier, then we’ll feel better. These holiday foods are also consumed with a higher energy load, meaning that joy and emotion when the whole family gathers together. Ideally, after the holiday meal, we should feel good, not frustrated or guilty that we ate too much.

How can we make healthy combinations?

The truth is that when we make the right food combinations, they are easily digested and no longer give that feeling of weight, even if we ate to satiety.

Identifying your blood type could be a solution. These are as follows:

  • Zero
  • A
  • B
  • AB

Group 0 and B are mostly carnivorous, and group B also tolerated dairy very well. And group A and AB belong to vegetarians. Therefore, it is good to know this aspect, because although you really like to eat meat, this may not suit your constitution and metabolism at all.

Obviously, the question arises: How can we combine this information with the foods we like, so that we also feel good?

Usually, there are a lot of pork meat dishes on the Christmas table. This is fatty meat and a great effort for the body to digest it. For blood groups 0 and B, red meat is more beneficial. So if you really like to eat meat, it should only be alongside a salad or non-starchy vegetables, without a combination of potatoes, rice, pasta, bread or polenta. If you want to eat fatty meat and not feel your stomach heavy, you can eat it with sauerkraut or other types of salad – leafy, green peas – or any combination of seasonal or pickled vegetables. Pickles are very healthy and they also have ferments that help digestion. 

Animal protein also has its benefits. If the body manages to break down the protein molecule, it gets all the essential amino acids from it. Proteins are needed to build new cells, boost immunity, and maintain muscle mass. So clearly we also need protein. The idea is to consume it in the healthy combination mentioned above.

The vegetarian blood types should be even more careful at holiday meals since most of the dishes are meat. A good option could be different types of salads (potato salad, egg salad, carrots) that can be made with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Olive oil is excellent because it’s tasty, has only unsaturated fatty acids, and helps melt saturated fats.

How can we help digestion?

One important factor is the moment we finish the meal. Normally, we should stop eating before we feel the satiety sensation. Because only 15 minutes after we have finished eating, the gastric juices are secreted and only then digestion begins. If we do not stop before we feel full, the stomach starts pressing on the diaphragm, and respiratory failure may occur.

Another way to help digestion is to take a break between meals over the holidays. Let the body eliminate a heavy meal, during which time we could offer it rest with tea, a coffee, some fruit. This is ideal in the evening. Have a hearty meal at noon or earlier in the day, not at dinner, before bed.

Also, don’t forget to hydrate. Consume enough fluids, especially water because consuming rich meals, you need more water to help you eliminate excess protein and not burden the kidneys. Beware of large amounts of carbonated beverages, large amounts of coffee or alcohol, which can generally be consumed on holidays. Enjoy everything but with moderation!

Another important thing for a healthy holiday diet is to give up dessert (if possible). Of course, it can be hard with such a wide variety available on the table, but give it a try. You can replace the dessert with a lightly sweetened tea. Green or herbal tea, coffee, whatever you like. You can also try an enzyme supplement. These supplements have the necessary antioxidants to create a balance for cholesterol levels. 

How can we help the body with biofeedback therapies?

These therapies can help increase the body’s metabolic rate, aid digestion and the accumulation of fluid that can occur due to a large amount of food.

When we use a biofeedback device, we first focus on digestion. We have a package of therapies and we can start with General Digestion for 3 or 5 minutes. We then choose Nutrient Balance and we can see the amount of secreted enzymes needed to help digestion. We can do these therapies before the holidays, to prepare the organs to digest efficiently and healthier.

In Intestine Enzymes therapy, we work at the beginning on the ones recommended by the body, and this therapy can be repeated several times, to increase all the enzymes. Just click the button and start therapy. The therapy can be repeated until you have a percentage of at least 85% or even more.

When it comes to healthy eating and weight maintenance, we can also work with adipose tissue removal therapies, such as Body Scanner in Face Therapy. At Skin Rejuvenation, we can work to eliminate cellulite. 

In order to increase the energy pulse and unblock the body, it would be effective to work in Acupuncture as well. Unlock the meridians, so that the energy flows in a healthy way and nourishes all the organs so that the blockages do not appear. At Start Meridian and Retest All we can do this. We should also work in Endocrine for at least 3 minutes for stabilization. Check Inflammation and Mucus to cleanse the lymphatic system, then start. 

All these therapies help us feel lighter and move better, before and after the holidays. These are very good therapies that can help us get over the rich meals that await us. If you maintain this balance you can really enjoy all this festive time, without feelings of guilt or frustration. It is ideal for the whole body to feel good, not just the taste buds. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed these suggestions of optimal food consumption so that the goodies on the Christmas table and those at the New Year’s Eve party do not bother us!