Concentration and mental clarity

Concentration and mental balance are extremely important elements of a harmonious, healthy, and rational life. However, they depend on many external facts and are often independent of our will, which makes concentration disorders and imbalances in mental life some of the most common and sometimes difficult to combat problems of life in the contemporary period.

Quantum medicine and magnetic resonance can help us fight these diseases, cure them, or at least reduce their impact on our daily lives. In order to be able to find the best solutions and find the lost balance, it is first of all necessary to find and be aware of the elements that cause our lack of concentration. When it comes to nutrition, the factors that have a major impact on brain activity are sugar-containing products and flour products, especially white or gluten-added ones. Gluten can have a sedative effect and affect mental clarity. Starch belongs to the same category, being difficult to digest and easily affecting pancreatic function and insulin production.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, coffee does not help to improve mental alertness and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Coffee has a strong diuretic effect, eliminating alongside water, some vitamins, and minerals and this is leading to poor irrigation of the brain. Tobacco is also a powerful enemy of the brain, with cigarettes containing other harmful substances, such as some heavy metals, with even more serious risks than attention deficit disorder.

Among the vegetables, onions and garlic have a strong sedative effect and it is recommended to consume them in the second part of the day so as not to affect our concentration during daily activities. Consumption of meat, especially processed meat, is also to blame for concentration problems, as is a lack of proper hydration. Studies have shown that the daily fluid requirement is 50 ml per kg of body weight so that the brain and other organs are adequately hydrated.

We must not forget that blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain are hampered by a sedentary lifestyle, so movement and physical activity is a very important element in the care of brain function. Stress and sleep disturbances affect the balance of the brain because it does not have the time to recover from one day to the next. In cases of insomnia, one of the best remedies is melatonin, a hormone that is naturally produced by the body during the night and can be supplemented with an intake taken just before bedtime.

Heavy metal poisoning, especially aluminum, has very serious effects on the brain, leading to dementia and memory disorders. Among the most affected people at the moment are smokers who use steamed cigarettes.

To counteract the negative effects of all these elements that lead to decreased concentration, a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the key to success. We will detail below some tricks that can help us achieve this balance.

It is recommended to drink 1-2 large glasses of warm water in the morning, above room temperature, because our body is warmer after a night’s rest. Water is meant to open and cleanse the digestive tract. A healthy breakfast is essential, giving the brain the energy it needs: fruits are the ideal choice because they provide quality vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, and are easily digestible. It is not necessary to eat a richer or more hearty breakfast than the other meals of the day, contrary to the myths about the “most important meal of the day“. Bitter chocolate (the one with over 85% cocoa) is a good choice for breakfast, containing a lot of useful substances, provided we buy quality chocolate. To these, we can add green tea and supplements of Ginko Biloba, nuts, cashews, and cashew milk.

It is also very important for brain health to exercise and rest properly, but also to have a good mood, optimism and faith. Of course, quantum medicine and biofeedback therapy can also help us through a series of therapies that we will detail below.

The Pulsar program provides us with several useful therapies to treat concentration deficits. One of them is the opening of the third eye, which activates the pineal gland, recommended at the beginning of the protocol. We can also use the Iridology therapies, focusing on the brain, but we can also activate the digestive system or kidneys. It is also generally recommended to activate the lymphatic system, cleanse the mucus and treat inflammation.

Biofeedback therapies can help us treat addictions, nerve or spinal stress. However, brain function stimulation therapy is best suited for concentration and attention deficit. In the Relaxation category of the Pulsar program, we find therapies that help us reduce aggression, a therapy aimed at hyperactive children, the therapy to balance the unconscious and the conscious or to stimulate oxygenation. Other very useful therapies are those for connecting with the universe, those for learning difficulties, those for increasing concentration. Relaxation therapies are important so that a relaxed body and mind can focus much better. Likewise, the Pulsar program proposes a therapy for releasing negativity, as well as Brain and Brain Introspection therapies.

In the NLP Emotional Growth Acceleration category, we can start with relaxation therapy, continue with a brain-focused one, then apply a “For Bottom and Top Balance” therapy in the Neurotransmitters ERP or Emotion Imponderable Reaction category, as well as 10-second Zap therapies, for emotions and neurotransmitters. We can also choose NLP therapies to stimulate memory, intelligence, emotional growth, creativity, or mind-opening therapy.

In the Static Small Band Therapies category, we can work on the pineal and pituitary glands, but we can also apply other therapies that indirectly influence the ability to concentrate. Therapies that work on deep brain relaxation should not be performed at the end of the protocol because they can make the patient dizzy.

In the category of Risk Profile programs, we can work on amino acids specific to the nervous system. We can also try Aroma Therapy therapies to increase circulation, detoxification, and relaxation. With Trivector Spinal therapies we can work on the nervous system, stimulating circulation, and with sports programs, we can increase oxygenation and stimulate mental visualization. Several therapies in Original Sarcode address the parts of the brain, and we can use them to increase concentration, as well as Zap Auto Aggressive Dysfunction Therapy, Zap Emotions, or Zap Feel Good. Among the Organ Generator therapies, Enhanced Learning and Super-learning therapies are very effective.

Through all these therapies, quantum medicine, and magnetic biofeedback help us a lot in promoting concentration and attention.