The How To’s on biofeedback devices (part 1)

After the theoretical article on the immune system and basic medical information, we follow up on what we promised about biofeedback devices. 

So far, we have touched on a few important points such as the pineal gland and its importance on the thymus gland, the importance of sleep for the immune system, and melatonin. Because first of all, we must know the basics to help us learn how to work a biofeedback device. 

The basics

Before understanding the devices, you must understand biofeedback in general.  You need to know that it is an alternative therapy that proposes both a method of diagnosis and treatment, based on the investigation of electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body. To these is added the recommendation of a certain diet, specific to the identified condition.

We can also say it is an alternative method of classical medicine for investigating health, based on recording the bio-magnetic potentials emitted by each organ. We put an emphasis on each organ because that’s exactly what you’ll see in the readings of a biofeedback device. 

The body is a source of low-intensity electromagnetic oscillations. These oscillations are called physiological or harmonic, being characteristic of a healthy body. If a person becomes ill or one of his organs becomes disproportionately functioning, then new, pathological sources of oscillations appear, which lead to the disruption of the physiological (homeostatic) balance of the organism.

So the theory behind the biofeedback practice is that of energy: any form of matter emits energy, including the human body. However, the affected cells emit a different type of energy and thus the presence of a disorder or a disease can be identified. The fact that we constantly come into contact with the energy emitted by objects around us, causes us energy imbalances that translate into the ailments we suffer from. Healing from the point of view of biofeedback can only be done by restoring the electromagnetic balance.

Therapists use a special device, which is believed to have the ability to record, measure and modify electromagnetic waves. These devices not only make the difference between electromagnetic waves emitted by healthy and affected cells but also fix the health problem by modifying them.

The devices

So what kind of devices can do that? 

Quantum Medical is the manufacturer of NUCLEUS, ED.X and NUCLEUS, or ED-X devices. These devices are the result of years and years of development. We specialize in computerized biofeedback systems. 

  • The NUCLEUS 

It is our flagship quantum biofeedback device. It has better capabilities technologically than the ED.X and NUCLEUS, there is a difference in the software and the design as well. It is faster, stronger, and more reliable than the older devices.

The NUCLEUS is our most advanced quantum biofeedback device. The electro-stimulation capacities of the device are greatly improved with the new built-in Signal Generators that provide a 3-Dimensional view for the therapist.

The NUCLEUS quantum biofeedback system is an automatic, computer-operated non-invasive device that combines all biofeedback applications into a unique device created for body analysis and energy balancing.

It is a subconscious stress detection and reduction system that measures electrophysiological reactions and patterns through a “harness” of electro-magnetic electrodes attached to the head, ankles, and wrists, which are cataloged, tabulated and fed back to the individual without he or she is aware of any effect or sensation.

Some special applications of the NUCLEUS quantum biofeedback system include the following:

  • EEG, and EMG real-time measurement and interpretation with the possibility of creating pre and post reports for better monitoring the client’s progress
  • Doubling the power of the biofeedback treatment by activating the second waveform generator of the NUCLEUS
  • The second waveform generator offers the option for personalized treatment for each client with different resonant levels, harness points, chakra, and brainwave applications.
  • The NUCLEUS allows for faster data processing and therefore decreased therapy time at maximum potential
  • The ED-X (ex ED.X and NUCLEUS)

The ED-X quantum biofeedback system is our older model device. The electro-stimulation capacities of the device are greatly improved with the new built-in Signal Generators. These provide a 3-Dimensional view for the therapist. 

Like the Nucleus above, The ED.X and NUCLEUS is an automatic, computer-operated non-invasive device. The operating mode is the same as above, the electrodes being attached to the head, ankles, and wrists. Discover both brands here

As you can see, biofeedback devices have a great number of functions, but their basic one is to record, measure, and modify electromagnetic waves in order to fix and heal certain medical problems. Through biofeedback, the symptoms and aftermaths of Covid-19 can be first found and then treated. We can learn how to balance our bodies. 

Don’t forget we also need to have a good night’s sleep and keep the stress away, in order to maintain a healthy immune response. Supplementing with vitamins and minerals is recommended every day of the year. 

In the next part of this how-to series, we’ll try to practically explain how a device works, and how to understand its readings. Stay tuned!