Competitive sports require focus and multiple muscle group recruitments. Using muscle training modules in our software, significant athletic performance improvements can be noted.

The muscular system is composed of specialized cells called muscle fibers. Their predominant function is contractibility. Muscles, attached to bones or internal organs and blood vessels with the help of tendons, are responsible for movement. Nearly all movement in the body is the result of muscle contraction. With Targeted Muscle Therapy local electrical charge triggers a wave of excitation that travels along with the muscle fiber.
Muscles can be trained and have memory, this is why performing the same exercise becomes gradually easier, but what if you could learn all these more efficiently and reach peak performance faster? This is where our Targeted Muscle Training module really shines.

Nearly all sports require interval training, where you are required to output short bursts of high energy output. Biofeedback therapy plays an important role due to:
Allowing for more muscle motor units to be recruited to optimize performance and contraction intensity
Improved muscle memory thanks to neurological signal training
Better fat mobilization that allows for energy conversion

The heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout the body. The contractions cannot be consciously controlled, and it contracts automatically when stimulated by electrical signals. Training your body to use its muscles, produce energy and make more precise movements more efficiently is a major catalyst for improved athletic performance.