PULSAR Lunch & Learn

Weekly Pulsar Lunch and Learn series

PULSAR Lunch & Learn

Weekly Pulsar Lunch and Learn Talks

Join us every Wednesday to discuss hardware, software, and any topic surrounding the PULSAR® software. In these 30-45 minute live chats on Zoom, feel free to ask us about:

-New features
-Updates in our latest software releases
-Check on bug fixes
-Ask about strange happenings inside your software
-Get Information on hardware and accessories

The weekly sessions will be coordinated and hosted by the Pulsar technical support team every WEDNESDAY at 7 pm Bucharest.

Join by registering below:

Meeting ID: 798 423 8819
Passcode: pulsar

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at: [email protected]

The Legal Bits

These sessions are not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions under the United States Food and Drug Administration’s definitions for those terms. These sessions serve to provide information, collect feedback, and connect practitioners and therapists across the world using Pulsar on Nucleus, ED.X, and other devices.

*Pulsar operating on devices that are not manufactured by Quantum Medical is solely maintained and managed by The National Centre for ElectroMagnetic Therapies CIC, a not-for-profit registered in England and Wales under Companies House number 11486072. If you are interested in using Pulsar on your Biofeedback device, please contact our Pulsar brokers directly at: [email protected] whilst remembering to include your serial number, device manufacturer, year of manufacture, and current operating software.